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Ticking all the boxes

"Packaging that’s lightweight, versatile and cost effective, with short production lead times and powerful shelf appeal is worth its weight in gold – especially when brand competition is fierce and margins are tight."

By utilising cartons, every stage of the supply chain can be carefully controlled, ensuring products arrive on the shelf on schedule and in great shape. Improvements in cartonboard production processes have led to substantial reductions in carton weight over the years and with raw materials readily available from sustainable sources, cartons remain consistently cost effective.

  • Cartons provide the ideal opportunity to communicate a persuasive marketing message right on the shelf;

  • Cartons are easy to stack, in the warehouse, in store and at home, and can be recycled widely, with no complex sorting required;

  • They can incorporate a wide range of security systems, including tamper-evident and child-resistant designs;

  • Counterfeiting measures can easily be added.

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