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ECMA European Carton Prospects Report 2021 - Size: 1937Kb Download
ECMA GMP Guide 2.0 - Size: 6216Kb Download
Glossary of Terms – Board and Paper Making 2023 - Size: 1385Kb Download
Antibacterial Coatings - Size: 62Kb Download
Food Contact Guidelines 2019 - Size: 4380Kb Download
ECMA European Carton Prospects Report 2019 - Size: 3105Kb Download
ECMA Terms Conditions of Sale Users Guide - Size: 447Kb Download
ECMA Terms and Conditions of Sale 2015 FINAL VERSION - Size: 641Kb Download
ECMA technical committee summary for BPIF 2017 11 22 - Size: 80Kb Download
RASFF notification 2018.0492 - Size: 118Kb Download
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  • BPIF Cartons, our objectives As a trusted trade association for the UK carton industry, BPIF Cartons connects its members together, promotes the unique commercial and environmental advantages of cartonboard and represents the sector to Government, agencies and the general public.
  • Industry Statistics Information about the UK Folding Carton Industry statistics.
  • How Cartons are made Cartons provide the perfect sustainable packaging solution - they're recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, with a carbon footprint that's unmatched among other packaging materials.
  • The life cycle of a carton – CartonVille This virtual tour shows the life-cycle of a typical folding carton. Select each area and understand the steps a carton will take from the forest and board mill to the supermarket.
  • BPIF Cartons Committes Information about the Cartons Committees.
  • Partner Trade Associations BPIF Cartons supports its members by organising regular networking events, representing the interests of the carton sector to governmentsand associated agencies, and proactively communicating cartonboard’s unique commercial and environmental advantages to a wide audience.
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