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"With packaging playing a pivotal role in the protection and promotion of consumer products, brand owners are increasingly turning to cartons to help boost sales and reinforce brand values in a fiercely competitive retail environment."

Advances in technology have enabled packaging specialists to design and manufacture high-quality cartons in truly bespoke forms. Cost-effective and appealing, unique styles offer product differentiation. Added extras such as striking print finishes, anti-counterfeit and security features add value where it most counts: on the shelf!

Cartonboard can also readily be combined with other materials for added impact; a successful multi-substrate combination can provide even greater versatility and value.

Factor in cartonboard’s impressive green credentials and you have pretty much the perfect sustainable packaging solution: recyclable/recycled, biodegradable and compostable, with a carbon footprint that’s unmatched among other packaging materials.

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  • Information Sheets Download our Information Sheets.
  • Carbon Footprint Recycled fibre now accounts for up to half the materials used in production, and the board mills themselves derive around 50% of their primary energy from wood by-products, making them less reliant on traditional fossil fuels.
  • Ticking all the Boxes By utilising cartons, every stage of the supply chain can be carefully controlled, ensuring products arrive on the shelf on schedule and in great shape.
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