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The carton industry is an exciting and rewarding place to work. As well as a diverse range of manufacturing roles using the latest technologies, it offers an extensive number of additional roles you might not expect, including graphic design, marketing, accounts and R&D, to name just a few.

The UK carton industry employs around 7,000 people - its most important resource and foundation for excellence. Their dedication to creative ideas, quality and customer service is the ultimate driver of our success.

Industry Stars allows you to meet some of the rising stars of the carton industry; to learn about their careers and what their jobs involve; and to open your eyes to the exciting opportunities available in the cartons industry.

The packaging industry is thriving and this diverse sector offers real opportunity to apply your skills and personality to the right role. From designers, to production staff, management, sales and brand development - there's a range of careers in the packaging industry to suit a variety of interests and skills.

Do you fancy working in a fast-paced technical environment where no two days are the same, earn a good salary and have travel opportunities? If so, a job in machinery sales for the packaging industry could be for you.



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