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Executive Board

The Executive Board sets the strategic direction for BPIF Cartons and agrees the objectives for the group. The Board meets quarterly to discuss industry developments and how BPIF Cartons should respond. The Board is formed of representatives from both the large international groups and the local SMEs to give a balanced approach.

Robert Davison – Alexir – President
John Monks – Honorary President
Bob Houghton – Multi Packaging Solutions – PR
David Devenport – Graphic Packaging International – Training
Wayne Fitzpatrick – Glossop Cartons – E-Learning
John Hall – Ipack Solutions –  Social Events
Robert Parker – Fiskeby – Technical Group
Jason Short –  Transcend Packaging –  Marketing
Paul Woollett – Membership and Training Manager BPIF Cartons
Jon Clark – General Manager BPIF Cartons

The Marketing Committee

The Marketing Comittee focuses on the promotion and marketing of folding cartons and has representation from the UK's leading carton manufacturers as well as the support of a leading raw material supplier. The teams aim is to focus on promoting the value of folding cartons to brand-owners, designers and other key groups. It also plans events to ensure industry members have the opportunity to regularly get together. The Committee will also work closely with Pro Carton and can draw on the experience of other BPIF Cartons members to help with specific projects. The team also helps represent the interests of the carton sector to the government and associated agencies.

Jason Short – Transcend Packaging –  Chair
Bob Houghton – Multi Packaging Solutions
Claire Summersby – Alexir
Amy Osborne – BillerudKorsnas
Tony Hitchin – Pro Carton
Jon Clark – General Manager BPIF Cartons

Technical Group

The Cartons Technical Group has representatives from a variety of different sectors of the industry. The focus is on ensuring that carton converter members have access to developments that may have an impact on their businesses in terms of either legislation or process implications. The group will also assist where technical challenges may be an issue. The Group works closely with ECMA to ensure that any relevant technical findings are reported to the wider carton industry.

Robert Parker – Fiskeby – Chair
Richard Gill – Huber
Lesley Gibson – FRIP
Elaine Murray – Multi Packaging Solutions
Steve King – Alexir
Richard Pacey – Qualvis

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