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March 2018

Revise and review with a BPIF Healthcheck

Revise and review with a BPIF Healthcheck

It's another new year and our thoughts always turn to what we did last year and how we can improve in the next, especially our fitness levels. Some of us head straight for the gym!

The same thoughts will apply to your business and how you can maximise efficiency and profitability in the business this coming year. This is where the BPIF can help. With a BPIF Healthcheck available in both HR and H&S, we can ensure your business is fighting fit for 2018.

HR Healthcheck
The BPIF HR Healthcheck is a diagnostic tool providing you with a comprehensive report highlighting your best practices, compliance with employment legislation and where there are any gaps, a clear ‘fitness programme' to help you achieve any improvements, or legal protection you need. The raft of employment legislation we received last year, along with the anticipated stringent additions this year, make it absolutely imperative that your business is clear on best practice, that you have a Company Handbook reflecting all of your policies and how you expect your employees to carry out their roles and behave. In addition, to ensure your contracts of employment are robust and protect both you and your employee if challenges or possible breaches occur along the way.

Your Regional Specialist HR Adviser, will act as your business partner in this and conduct the Healthcheck to explore and assess the strength of your contracts, recruitment and termination practices, your personnel records and their safe storage. How you manage disciplinary and grievance issues and if your policies and practices equip you with sufficient protection against ever burgeoning legislation and the changes this may cause to your business and to you as an employer.

If you are a Platinum member of BPIF, this is FREE as you are of course already a member of the best HR gym available. [A small charge is made for businesses at Gold and Silver level membership]

To find out more about a HR Healthcheck click here.

H&S Healthcheck
It's important to regularly review all aspects of both safety legislation and best practice throughout company processes, and it's beneficial to do this via a competent independent body using a fresh pair of eyes.

Your Regional Adviser will initially carry out a site tour to understand any shortfalls that may be occurring. These will be highlighted at the time of the tour to encourage discussion and to review potential solutions. Following this, a specific Q&A session will take place, surrounding legislation and best practice, such as; Management and Arrangements; Control of Machinery & Equipment hazards; Transport and Traffic Routes; Fire Safety; COSHH; Slips and Trips.

Once the H&S Healthcheck is complete, you will be provided with a full report and improvement plan detailing actions where gaps have been identified. You will have the full support of your Safety Adviser, whether this be remotely or more hands-on if you don't have the time or experience within your team on site, the choice is yours.

This will provide comfort in knowing all safety aspects are in hand, and can support with any planned tender submissions. Working with the improvement plan will also help to prevent accidents and incidents on site and will demonstrate the organisation is managing workplace risks.

Platinum members can use this service for FREE. Gold and Silver members can also benefit from this service at a small cost.

To find out more about the H&S Healthcheck click here.


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