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February 2020

Update on OPRL Guidelines regarding the labelling of cartons with a plastic content

Update on OPRL Guidelines regarding the labelling of cartons with a plastic content

The OPRL (On Pack Recycling Label) scheme has recently published updated rules on what recycling label its member companies must apply to paper and board packaging containing plastic. The member companies of OPRL include the major retailers and brands.

Up to the end of January 2020 any cartons containing less than 20% by weight of plastic could carry a label saying that the packaging could be recycled. From the beginning of February 2020 this maximum amount of plastic by weight reduced to 15% with a further reduction to 10% from January 2023. Please note that there is a two year transition period for packs that are already in the marketplace and that are currently marked as recyclable even though they may contain more than the new 15% maximum. For example, if a product currently on the market with 17% plastic content has a recyclable label then it will still be able to use the recyclable label until January 2022. Please note that there will not be a transition period following the reduction to 10% in January 2023.

Any carton with less than 60% of its external surface area that is foil blocked can be labelled as recyclable.

It must be noted that following extensive lobbying by BPIF Cartons, on behalf of its members, the original CPI (Confederation of Paper Industries) target of a maximum of 5% plastic content has now become an aspirational target with no set timescale for implementation.

Below is a copy of the release from OPRL and CPI regarding the new limits.

If you should have any queries then please let Jon Clark, General Manager, BPIF Cartons know by emailing him at [email protected].


CPI OPRL joint lines on reducing plastic levels in paper packaging 8 Jan 2020 Final - Size: 137Kb Download
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