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November 2018

Trees into Cartons, Cartons into Trees

Trees into Cartons, Cartons into Trees

BPIF Cartons believe you have the same legacy dream as we do; to educate and inform our school-aged children about the sustainability of cartonboard packaging and hopefully inspire them with their career choices later in life.
With this in mind we are appealing to all our converter members to participate in educational workshops for primary school children which can take place any time in winter during the planting season until February. The TICCIT programme (‘Trees into Cartons, Cartons into Trees’) involves member companies partnering with a local school and donating tree saplings to teach the children how they can be planted in a recyclable and biodegradable carton. The cartons provide protection and allow the children to take the saplings away and plant them. As the trees grow, the cartons biodegrade, completing the ‘Trees into Cartons, Cartons into Trees’ cycle.
All free support material will be given to you (including tree saplings) as well as a timeline of tasks. The literature provided will dovetail into the school’s curriculum and the workshop will be presented by the teacher. We only ask that you nominate a TICCIT ambassador from your company who will run the programme on behalf of your company.
Please consider the benefits that this educational programme will bring to your company’s CSR strategy, your local school, the local community, the carton industry as a whole and ultimately the environment. Furthermore it will give your Marketing team some good content for PR communications.

If you would like to read more information on the TICCIT programme please click here.

If you would like to receive a booklet on TICCIT, please contact Jon Clark, General Manager at [email protected] 

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For more information please contact:
Jon Clark
Jon Clark
01676 526030