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Date | Friday 15th December 2017
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It is pleasing to be part of a packaging industry which is alive with new challenges and opportunities. Even more so in the carton sector where British technology and construction design can regularly be seen to be leading in the development of news packs and materials.

While brand owners may drive this change with new concepts and product extensions, it is society that defines success with shoppers willing to try something new. It is society also that in the years to come may require products that can be consumed with less waste and which can be more easily recycled.

Since consumers buy product not packaging it is incumbent upon packaging manufacturers to constantly review how they can add value to their customer's products by offering improved packaging and to recognise that their materials need to be easily recyclable and not just to pay lip service to the concept.

Cartonboard has for many years defined excellence in sustainability both as a renewable resource and through the proportion of recycled content in many materials so it is well placed to embrace the disciplines of a circular economy as it becomes an integral part of future EU strategy. 'The Carton Way' will alert you to new products and opportunities from the industry but will also reveal our perspective on current packaging issues. Please keep the information sheets as they are published in the folder we have distributed in September 2015 but if you need further copies then fill in the form below to add the details of colleagues who may also wish to be kept abreast of 'The Carton Way' to manage your packaging concerns.