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In order to become a full member of BPIF Cartons, producers have to demonstrate their competence and commitment to common standards as well as ethical trading values.

BPIF Cartons’ converter members operate to recognised international standards encompassing GMP, safety compliance and environmental responsibility. The BPIF Cartons logo confers assurance of fair trade principles and responsible attitudes to service, quality, and grievance solving. By selecting a BPIF Cartons’ member, carton users and specifiers can be confident of value and satisfaction.
Our members range from the UK’s leading carton manufacturers (which include private companies and plants that are part of large multi-national groups) to medium organisations and smaller, more specialist, niche or local suppliers. Our members cover all markets and will be delighted to respond to any enquiries.

We also have partner members who offer a range of related products and services such as raw materials, specialist finishing techniques, printing & conversion equipment and packing line machinery.